Mega Yacht Services

Privileged to cater to a diverse clientele, from intimate gatherings of 4 aboard a cozy Catamaran to hosting vibrant parties of up to 90 passengers on board a Mega Yacht.

Among our esteemed clients are renowned names such as Running on Waves, Le Ponant, Variety Cruises, and Elysium.

Our operations extend across neighboring ports, including our service on Serifos & Folegandros for Le Ponant, ensuring an expansive reach for our exceptional service.

Mega Yachts continually entrust the care of their esteemed guests to us, time and again. Experience the essence of luxury, succinctly embodied in our interactions.

Contact us today to discuss your Mega Yacht services needs for your visit to Milos Island. We look forward to enhancing your journey and helping you create cherished memories on this magnificent Greek island.